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I build and support, easy to use, beautiful technology.
Virtual Reality, Game Dev Tools, Web & Blockchain.

Healthcare and Education Web Development

Need a HIPPA compliant website, app, cloud hosting, or educational platform? Look no farther, Eric has got you covered.
With 20 years experience, 100+ projects launched and more than a decade of medical and small business website experience, let Eric help you succeed in an ever-growing market.

Game Development & Software

We make hard technology easier.
Eric Vander Wal, under the umbrella studio, Dumb Game Dev, is a video game development company specializing in making difficult technology fun and easy to use. We excel at work in the sphere of VR game development, tooling, visual programming and backend programming.


Community is the Backbone
Education through courses, youtube, internet communication channels (discord, slack), and open-source software play a critical role a maintaining these connections. With that in mind, Eric actively seeks out opportunities and builds community through online platforms. These are some of the ways.

Eric Vander Wal

Eric Vander Wal

Who is He?

Eric Vander Wal has over 20 years of combined web development and software engineering experience with a focus on easy to use technology and content management systems. This led to his eventual focus on the C# / Microsoft .Net ecosystem, Rust and Javascript.

Through his work, he has honed his skills in small agile team management in the field of start-ups, saas culture, and developer relations. Eric has held positions all the way from junior front-end developer to senior backend developer, team lead, and CTO.

Additionally, Eric has completed two medical degrees (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Masters of Medicine) along with a love of VR and game development.

What is He Doing Now?

Currently, Eric is creating Unity VR SDKs with C#, .Net, Websockets, AWS serverless, and NoSQL. He backs this up with skills in online content management, backend development with Drupal, PHP, Apache, CSS, HTML, MySQL, ASP.Net, Blazor, and a little Python as necessary.


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